Welcome to the English Department

Director of English

Mrs Catherine Cumine

2nd-in-Department: Miss K Evans

Departmental Members:Ms R Smith, Mrs A Edwards, Ms H Llewellyn, Mrs H Meredith, Mrs L Gibbs, Mrs M Huddleston-Cook, Ms C Merola, Mrs P Holt, Ms A Torkington

Qualifications:GCSE English Language, GCSE English Literature, Essential Skills Communication levels 1 - 3, AS English Literature, A2 English Literature, Entry Pathways Additional English.

KS3 Topic Skills

Speaking and listening: Presentation and group dicussions; Reading: Study of a novel, poetry, drama and non-fiction; Writing: Writing fiction and non-fiction in a range of styles for different audiences; Grammar lessons to support literacy skills.

KS4 Topics/Skills

Individual presentation; group discussion; Reading and Writing: description, narration, exposition, argumentation, persuasion and instruction; other cultures texts; modern novels; heritage drama plays; Shakespeare; poetry.

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Parents can help at home using these guidelines below:

How to help at home - Language

How to help at home - Literature

KS5 Topics Skills

AS - Modern feminist poetry; "Arcadia" Tom Stoppard; "Wuthering Heights" and own text choice. Students also undertake some creative writing inspired by their own choice of reading.

A2 - "King Lear" Shakespeare; "Oedipus" Sophocles "The Wife of Bath" Chaucer; "Regeneration" Pat Barker; "Selected War Poetry" Wilfred Owen. Students also select their own texts to study in conjunction with the war theme.

Staff in the department endeavour to develop pupils' ability to listen and express themselves orally with fluency; to read with understanding and appreciation; to write accurately in a format and style suitable for purpose. Above all, we hope to instil a genuine love of reading for pleasure, as well as for study.

The department offers opportunities for theatre trips and engages outside speakers (often writers) to come to school to work with groups of pupils. We actively encourage students to enter literary competitions, often very successfully.

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English Resources

How to revise - English Language

How to revise - English Literature

How to Impress the Examiner

Revision - Let's get a Plan


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 Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5
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