Welcome to the Geography Department

Head of Department

Mr A Thompson

Departmental Members: Miss D Pretious

Qualifications: GCSE, AS, A2

KS3 Topic Skills

Year 7 - Wales and The World, Map skills, Settlement and Coasts

Year 8 - Looking at Landscapes, Volcanoes and Earthquakes, The European Union, Weathering and Rivers

Year 9 - Development, China, Tourism and Africa.

KS4 Topics/Skills

The Restless Earth Water on the Land, The Coastal Zone, Population Change, The Development Gap, Tourism.

KS5 Topics/Skills

AS - Rivers, Floods and Management, Coastal Environments, Population Change, Health Issues

A2 - World Cities, Weather and Climate and Associated Hazards, Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards, Development and Globalisation

As Geographers we aim to teach students about the different aspects of human and physical geography by drawing on the rich variety of experience and views of all our students.

In each area of study students will consider their own values and attitudes to the issues being studied and support their learning of ideas through the study of case studies and their own experiences.

Field trips are arranged to allow the students to develop a spirit of enquiry and their geographical understanding and skills.

Gwaith Cartref/Homework

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Year 7 Summer Exam Revision Quiz



Water on the Land

Long Profile of River Severn

Year 10 Geographers

Year 11 Geographers

Revision Materials

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Year 7 Revision

Year 8 Revision


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 Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5
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