Sir Thomas Picton (1758-1815)

Welcome to the History Department

Head of Department

Mrs R. James

Departmental Members: Mr T Palmer, Mrs R Pritchard

Qualifications: GCSE, AS, A2

KS3 Topic Skills

Year 8 - Tudors and Stuarts

Year 9 - Slavery, Industrial Revolution, WW1 & 2

GCSE - Nazi Germany &USa 1930 - 2000 and South Africa 1948 - 1994, Coursework will be either Britain in World War I or World War II.

KS5 Wales and England 1483-1603 & Nazis Germany.

As a department we strive to instill and inspire the next generation to gain a genuine interest and enthusiasm for history. All teachers of history thoroughly enjoy the subject which is noticed and recognised by the students in the classroom.

Through the teaching of history we aim to enhance pupil's historical skills of empathy, recognition and scrutiny of historical interpretations, understanding and analysis of historical sources, organisation and communication, chronological awareness and simple knowledge and understanding of British and wider world History.

History is an important subject that prepares pupils for life after school. History encourages pupils to question evidence and to think for themselves, to come to reasoned judgements and develop their own set of values as responsible members of society.

Extra Curricular Activities

At both KS4 and KS5 specific trips are used to enhance the pupils' subject knowledge and their enthusiasm for history. In October half-term a history trip is organised to France and Belgium for Year 10 pupils. At A-Level trips are organised to Krakow, a moving experience for pupils which includes a visit to Auschwitz, and London, which focuses on the Tudors element of the course.


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 Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5
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