Welcome to the ICT and Computer Science Department

Head of Department

Mrs V Price

Departmental Members: Mr T Evans, Miss L Bevan,

Mrs N. Stephenson

Qualifications: GCSE, AS, ESW Level 1, ESW Level 2, ESW Level 3

KS3 Topic Skills

Communicating, Data Handling, Modelling

KS4 Topics

WJEC Computer Science

WJEC Infomation Communication Technology


KS5 Topics/Skills

WJEC Infomation Communication Technology


Information Systems, Presenting Information Task, Use and Impact of ICT, Relational Database Project

The Information Communication Technology department are keen to ensure that every pupil can achieve their potential. They do this by being encouraged to work independently and take pride in the work they do. The recently formed computer science club runs weekly to offer pupils the opportunity to experiment with new software and devices.

 Computer Science Club

Computer Science Club
Click here to view our Computer Science Club.