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Departmental Members: Mrs A Lewis, Ms M Ridgeway

What is coaching?

Learning coaching is a service in school which provides coaching, mentoring and support for all learners aged 14-19 (Years 9- 11).

Coaching is provided to learners particularly in years 10 and 11 and can take the form of 1-1 or group coaching. It is primarily to support learners going through the GCSE process and centers on developing revision strategies, understanding and using a range of study skills as well as developing lifelong learning tools such as planning, organising and time management.

Coaching can provide motivation and ideas to support and develop pupilís future learning plans, particularly with revision and how to make a time table which is achievable and realistic. Therefore ensuring that revision sessions become interesting and interactive rather than boring and dull, resulting in revision not being done.

Where does coaching take place?

Coaching takes place in B9.

What to expect from the Learning Coach

An opportunity to discuss various aspects of pupils learning on an individual basis with an experienced and professionally qualified Learning Coach.

Sessions are by an appointment system through self referral or teacher referral.

Pupils can expect the Learning Coach to:-

    -     Help learners to identify their individual learning styles to use within the classroom

    -     Understand how to use their learning style when revising

    -     Developing skills in planning, organising and time management

    -     Develop a range of study skills

    -     Exam preparation, past papers and reducing exam stress

What is your individual learning style?

If you're interested in finding out your own learning style now, then you can find a short test here. Once you have your individual learning style, you can find information about that style here.

Are there any resources available?

You can find subject revision on our school website and can be found here.


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