Welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages Department

Head of Department

Mrs D Howman,

Departmental Members: Mrs R Davies, Mrs C Edwards

Qualifications: GCSE French, AS & A2 FRENCH

KS3 Topic Skills

All pupils are encourage to take part fully in the leasons - doing a variety of skill which promote speaking,

listening, reading and writting. We have a fantastic interactive resorce "Linguascope" which pupils can access at school or at home.

Topics at KS3 include - Sports, Hobbies, Holidays, Food and health. Leasons are varied and include differant games numeracy and literacy activities to enable pupils to gain confidance with the language.


KS4 Topic Skills

Pupils who choose French at GCSE level quickly improve their basic skills. The classes are fairly small and therefore provide opportunities for depth in writting and reading tasks. Oral work is quickly developed so pupils can express opinions and use wider vocabulary. Listening skills are improved through dialogue film and radio recording.


KS5 Topic Skills

We encourage pupils to develop wider understanding of use of French through contemporary issues which affect young people. We aim to achieve high levels of attainment and fluency.

Our team of 3 staff enable pupils:

» To enjoy studying the language and the culture of the MFL through the key skills-oracy, reading and writing

» To develop their own learning styles as well as embrace Interactive Language support.

» To take responsibility for their own learning such as deciphering meaning from sources and produce creative texts/dialogue.

» To become aware of other cultures-to compare, to understand and to enhance our own language skills.

We also host a Culture Club, to promote cultures and crafts around the world, so if you're interested then please click here.


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 Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5
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