Welcome to the PSE Department

Personal and Social Education

Head of Department

Ms H Llewellyn

Departmental Aims

The aims of PSE are to:

- develop learners’ self esteem and a sense of personal responsibility

- promote self-respect, respect for others and celebrate diversity

- equip learners to live safe, healthy lives

- prepare learners for the choices and opportunities of lifelong learning

- empower learners to participate in their schools and communities as active responsible citizens locally, nationally and globally

- foster positive attitudes and behaviour towards the principles of sustainable development and global citizenship

- prepare learners for the challenges, choices and responsibilities of work and adult life.

The PSE department at Sir Thomas Picton Comprehensive aims to prepare learners to be personally and socially effective by providing learning experiences in which they can develop and apply skills, explore personal attitudes and values, and acquire appropriate knowledge and understanding. To enhance the learning experience the department works collaboratively with a wide range of outside agencies and charities.


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 Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5
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