Welcome to the Religious Studies Department

Head of Department

Mrs Bethan Jones-Hughes

Departmental Members: Mrs Clare Skelton, Mrs Victoria Jones

Miss Anna Stephens

Qualifications: GCSE, AS, A2

KS3 Topic Skills

Topical and relevant information that informs the beliefs, practice and traditions of the major world religions. In addition to this, students are encouraged to consider Faith in Action, looking at key individuals and events, together with Human rights issues, environmental issues and ethical theories and dilemmas.

KS4 Topics/Skills

Following the WJEC Specification B Religion and Life Issues/Human experience. This includes modules such as Relationships, Religion and Medicine, Is it fair?, Looking for meaning and Religion and Conflict. Those who do not opt for a qualification in Religious studies have their RE as part of the WBQ qualification.

KS5 Topics/Skills

Religion and Ethics, Abortion, Homosexuality, Euthanasia, together with the ethical theories that inform decisions.

Hinduism - an indepth study into one of the more diverse religious traditions.

The department offers a biannual cultural visit to either New York or Rome for those students studying at examination level. In addition to this, trips to Places of Worship are arranged all over the UK, along with exam conferences and study seminars in conjunction with Trinity College Carmarthen and Swansea Metropolitan University.


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 Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5
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