Welcome to the Science Department

Head of Department

Mr S Broomfield (Physics), Mrs M Lewis (Biology), Dr N Wayman (Chemistry)

Key Stage Coordinators

Mr H Himsworth (KS4)

Departmental Members: Mr N Coombes, Mrs R George, Mr W Phillips, Mr R Sargint

Qualifications: BTEC, Double GCSE, Separate Sciences GCSE, AS, A2

KS3 Topic Skills

Investigation skills; the study of living things from cells to organs to organisms to ecosystems, what chemicals are and do and how they bond, matter, energy, electricity, waves and the Universe.

KS4 Topics/Skills

The courses on offer study a similar range of topics to that in KS3 but in greater depth and breadth, using and linking abstract concepts and systems.

KS5 Topics/Skills

Biology - WJEC Biology, which includes cardiovascular disease, protein synthesis, cystic fibrosis, gene therapy, global warming and impact on the environment, respiration, photosynthesis, nervous system and forensic science.

Chemistry - WJEC Chemistry is a practically based method of study that covers organic, inorganic and physical aspects of chemistry.

Physics - WJEC Physics, which includes mechanics, particles and quantum phenomena, materials, electricity, gravitational, electrical and magnetic fields, nuclear physics and astrophysics.

The Science department aims to inspire a search for knowing how everything works by a combination of approaches including experiments, investigations, demonstrations and much more. We aim to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience which thoroughly prepares for our courses in later years.

Pupils have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of extracurricular activities which have recently included a EESW Engineering Project, CREST awards, outdoor courses at Dale Fort and the Darwin Centre, the Faraday Challenge, Salters Chemistry Camp, the Orchard project, and the "Lab in a Lorry".

In addition, students have had the chance to enjoy a range of talks, lectures and workshops both at school and other centres, the subjects of which include meteorite impacts, geology, and the Institute of Physics and Darwin Centre's Christmas lectures. 21 A-level Physics students recently enjoyed a fantastic trip to CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.


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 Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5
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