Welcome to the Sociology Department

Head of Department

Mrs Rebecca Pritchard

Qualifications: GCSE short course, Advanced level

KS4 Topics/Skills

Studying Society culture, values, norms, roles, laws, socialisation, social structures, research

Families different family structures, marriage and divorce, roles, social class

KS5 Topics/Skills

Unit 1 - Introductory core on socialisation and culture, Youth Culture

Unit 2 - Research Methods, Religion

Unit 3 - Understanding Crime

Unit 4 - Research Methods, Social Inequality

What is Sociology?

Sociology seeks to explain the different forms of human society and looks at the impact of culture and social organisation on individual lives. Learners will reflect on their own experiences of the social world, and apply this to a variety of human cultures.


A sociologist's ability to form and defend an argument is just one of the many skills you will acquire in this subject.


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 Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5
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