Welcome to the Technology Department

Head of Department

Anne Vaughan

Key Stage Coordinators

Sian Phillips (KS3)

Departmental Members: Mr M Davies, Mr L Elson, Mr T Evans

Qualifications: GCSE

The department currently has six teaching staff with technical support provided for staff and pupils by two technicians. A range of subjects is offered and delivered and within each area various topics are pursued. At Key Stage 3 a carousel operates allowing pupils to experience a variety of areas including Electronics, Pneumatics, Resistant Materials, Graphics, Structures, Food Technology and Textiles.

The Department is committed to a development that equips pupils with the practical and vocational skills that would allow them to compete successfully in the outside world.

The department has links with STEM

Every year students in year 9 are selected for the Engineering Team Challenge.

Students work at A level and GCSE have been selected for the Creativity and Innovation Awards.


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 Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5
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