Sir Thomas Picton School - Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing at Sir Thomas Picton School

Throughout every pupil's schooling a programme of personal and social education is considered essential. It offers health and careers education together with a full range of other experiences including Work Experience and Enterprise. All opportunities for study will be in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum. Collective worship in school aims to promote the spiritual development of each pupil in a sensitive and careful manner. Whole School assemblies and Year assemblies are held and a thought for the day is an important part of the spiritual and moral ethos of the school.

C Card scheme

We take the well-being of our students very seriously and this does include their sexual health. The county has adopted the C Card policy that offers condoms to our older students. When any individual approaches our school nurse a great deal of discussion and counselling takes place before any condoms are distributed and the whole well-being of that pupil is taken into consideration.

C card is a multi agency scheme delivered in schools, colleges, and youth settings throughout Pembrokeshire. The scheme provides free condoms to young people alongside sexual health advice, support, information and signposting to health services where necessary.

The C Card scheme is delivered by appropriately trained professional staff, including school nurses and youth workers. The scheme is only available to young people over the age of 14. The C Card scheme operates within the criteria set by Fraser Guidelines. As such the confidentiality of all young people accessing the service will be protected including 14 and 15 year olds.

The Pembrokeshire C Card scheme is fully accredited by Public Health Wales via All Wales Sexual Health Network (All Wales C Card Standards (Final, December 2012 Revision)) and meets their revised "C Card" scheme standards. Further information about the “C Card” scheme is available on the Pembrokeshire Youth Zone website.

Kik Warning

We have recently been informed of a new messenger service which is available for personal use. Kik Messenger is a free texting app that is available for most Smart Phones as well as the iPod and iPad. Kik is rated 17+ in the app store. Concerns have been raised over the sharing of images and personal information on this app, especially as it acts as an open address book allowing everyone who uses the service to access each others details.

There are ways to stop children from downloading these apps by setting age restrictions on their devices. More information can be found at or, click on the link under Useful Links, opposite.

Healthy eating at Sir Thomas Picton School.

All pupils, staff, and visitors to the school, have access to fresh drinking water at all times during the day, to make sure that everyone is hydrated sufficiently. A whole range of healthy snacks are available in the canteen at break and lunchtimes. In addition, the school canteen offers hot healthy meals every day. The School cafeteria area in the Black sitting area offers healthy cereals, fruits and snacks. Water, milk, tea, and low calorie drinks are offered to the pupils. A breakfast provision is alsi available in the school canteen everyday commencing at 8am. During the Year 7 and 8 technology lessons pupils have access though the curriculum that promote the importance of healthy lunchboxes. Pupils have the opportunity to try a variety of healthy snacks and to design their own lunchbox.

Sir Thomas Picton has been accredited with the Welsh Network of Healthy School Scheme, NQA, in 2009. The first school in Wales to receive this prestigious qualification. The school is particularly proud of this achievement. Staff, pupils and Governors at Sir Thomas Picton have worked hard to receive this recognition, which is seen as an exciting long-term initiative that promotes good health, positive behaviour and achievement across all areas of school life and is regularly reassessed to check that standards are progressing forward.


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